Information on Firefighter Psychometric Test

In an event like a fire emergency, it depends on how well we are prepared and how we react towards such occurrences which will happen sometimes. Having professional employees who are well equipped and trained for fire preparedness and emergency response is a very crucial aspect for every company or department.

It is important for every fire fighter to have the ability to read and comprehend different types of written information such as fire safety and also written instructions provided for by department in charge.

The firefighter psychometric test therefore, involves understanding information and working with numbers .this test is mainly focused on assessing, reading and understanding abilities for fire fighters .It also involves a number of instances that current information in different formats and each instance is subsequently followed by a number of several questions. Every fire fighter must read the information within the situation and be able to answer questions that follow. There will always be a choice of four possible answers and a fire fighter must therefore choose one of those as the answer he/she thinks is the right one.

Fire fighters are encouraged to work through the test as accurate and fast as they can and if not sure of any particular answer they should consider an answer that is most probable. They have a warning for chance of getting the answer right but they will loose marks if they give incorrect answers. They score depending on only correct answers they give. In this test there are 25 questions and each person is given 30 minutes to answer.

A firefighter must be able to perform basic numeric calculations as part of the psychometric test and understand graphs, gauges, dials and tables. This ensures that the fire fighter works with the numerical information of the kind that he/she will encounter at the course of duty.

Firefighter psychometric test presents numerical information in diverse methods for example gauges, graphs and instruction that must be used in the given situation to provide solutions for the following questions. In this case also there will be an option of four answers for every question.

Any use of scientific or any calculator during the test is not recommended however, a rough paper is provided to do all your work. Usually, there are 32 questions with only 45 minutes to conclude your work.

This test can be prepared in a variety of ways dependent on the suitable learning method. Reading books, journals, newspapers, online blogs and articles will improve a firefighter’s knowledge and understanding on information test. Different courses are currently available locally for awareness and professionalism purposes. For more information on how to improve on these two subject of firefighter psychometric test, visit , or And Learning.